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MotoLOAD is easy to use!MotoLOAD


Load and secure a street-legal motorcycle inside your PA-32/34. A system of ramps and fixtures, appropriately named MotoLOAD, guides your motorcycle into the cabin while a built-in winch system does all the work. After landing, it takes just 2 minutes to remove your motorcycle, unfold the handlebars and ride away. Ground transportation solved!

Removable Pod for Storage

DROP-IN DESIGN: The removable design fits snug in the foot well and secures with ratcheting seatbelt extensions. There’s no installation or approval required. MotoLOAD takes just minutes to setup or remove.

WINCH SYSTEM: The built-in winch system is powered by a cordless drill for speedy loading.

PIVOT BOARD: Inside the airplane, a “pivot board” swings the motorcycle into the cabin and slides it into position with a smooth and guided motion.

TIE-DOWN SYSTEM: Custom ratcheting straps, manufactured by Hooker Harness, attach to existing seatbelt buckles and hold your motorcycle securely in flight.

FUEL SAFETY: There’s no need to drain gas or oil before flight. Our aviation motorcycles have no-spill plumbing and the loading system adds a generous spill pan, lined with fuel absorbent mat, for added protection.

AVAILABLE FOR: Piper Cherokee 6, Lance, Saratoga and Seneca. Other models are on the way.

MotoLOAD is easy to use!WHY CARRY A MOTORCYCLE? Only 1/3 of public airports have ground transportation services. Why not bring your own? Personal airplanes, for all their cost, are drastically under-utilized. Most owners fly around 100 hours each year; mostly to a handful of fly-in destinations. Lack of mobility at the destination is one of the reasons why pilots don’t fly more often. Imagine if you had immediate ground transportation at every airport, day or night, without reservations or headaches. Would you fly more often? Would you explore more destinations?


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