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Removable Pods

Removable Pods


Boost your cargo space while keeping the weight near your center of gravity. The top-loading design accommodates bulky cargo that most pilots leave behind. A patent-pending winch system, built into the pod, allows you to attach or remove the pod in under a minute. Simply winch your pod onto the belly and secure it with pins; it's that easy! Attach your pod to carry your motorcycle or luggage, then remove it when you're done.

Removable: Attach or Remove in 30 seconds!
Top-Loading: Accommodates cargo up to 8ft

Removable Pod for Storage


  • Length: 110 inches
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Volume: 25 cubic feet
  • Empty Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Gross Weight: 250 lbs
  • Speed Penalty: <9 kts


Removable Design

Attach or remove your pod in under 60 seconds. A built-in winch system does all the lifting for you.


Easy Install Easy Install Easy Install


The easy attachment/removal lets you configure your airplane for each flight.

  • Carry a motorcycle for ground transportation.
  • Triple your cargo volume to haul more stuff.
  • Remove it for maximum speed.
Removable Pod for Storage

Top Loading:

Conventional Cargo pods are loaded through a small hatch. What about your bicycle or bulky camping gear? No problem! Our pods may be detached for unique top-loading. Unrestricted access allows you to load bulky items, arrange and secure your cargo. Now you can carry bicycles skis, golf clubs and more.




Motorcycle Cradle

Motorcycle Cradles:

Removable cradles allow you to carry one of our street legal motorcycles. The cradles attach to the floor of your pod with several thumb-screws. Install the cradles to carry your motorcycle, or remove them to make room for bags.




Our pods are manufactured from high-performance composites. Key features include:

  • Vacuum bagged for lower weight.
  • Carbon-fiber reinforcements.
  • Precise laser-cut hardware.
  • Durable Zolatone interior coating.
Construction Construction

Hard-Points (RV-10)

Hard-Points RV-10

The hard-point kit includes everything you need to create four reinforced attachment points for your removable belly pod. The RV-10 hard-point kit contains machined billet brackets, pre-drilled sheet metal parts, AN hardware and AutoCAD Installation Manual. You can install them yourself or take the airplane to one of our approved sales agents. The hard-points may be installed at any time, although it will be easiest during fuselage construction. Install hard-points now and be ready for your cargo pod later.


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